Judiciary of Kenya E-Filing Service.

Filing of cases and Payment of Court Fees is now simplified

Services Available through the E-filing Portal
E-filing and E-Payment

E-filing System provides a platform for the Law firms, Lawyers and non - lawyers to initiate and complete the process of filing cases online from their offices/remotely. Thus they do not need to visit the court premises to file cases or banking halls to pay court fees

The E-Filing allows the Court Users to submit E-Documents to the courts, Perform Self-Assessment and make payments either court Fees, Cash-bail or Court Deposit.

Courts Users Can File New Matters and get new case numbers OR File additional E-Documents to Existing cases.

E-Service and E-Correspondence

Once the Case is filed and payment paid, the user must submit the case for approval and verifications.

The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the Pleadings submitted are readable and accessible, Courts were paid in full and that there was no under-assessment during self-assessment, and that document were filed in the correct divisions.

Once a case is approved, a correspondence will be sent to the users with a attachment which can be either be Summons to Enter Appearance, Acknowledgement note and Notice of Taxation

SMS and USSD Services

The Judiciary has setup an Interactive SMS Service which can either be accessed through a SHORTCODE and USSD query services

For the SHORTCODE Service, A users will Send an SMS with a specific format including a Tracking Number and Option between 1 and 4 afetr the # sign to the SHORTCODE 22490. For example FDRS2030#1 sent to 22490

On the Other Hand, USSD is an Interactive version of the query services. The User will dial *508# to access the Menu options.

How it Works

We have created several videos to guide you

Watch Videos Now or Read the Manual here

Objectives of the E-filing Platform

Operational Efficiency

They will be not need to make physical presence & Journeys to the Court Registry to file Cases hence take less time in filing cases and Resolve non-filing and misfiling of documents

Convenience and Flexibility

Greater convenience and flexibility to the law firms filing documents at the convenience of the offices

Turnaround Time

Resolve long turnaround time in retrieving required documents and Resolve ever-growing demand for physical space to store physical documents/files